Sex Crimes: A Serious Stain & Felony Charge

In most of the sex crimes prosecuted in Texas the defendant is considered as guilty before trail, but if you have a smart Houston area Sex Crimes Focused Criminal lawyer on your side, there will be minimum damage to your image. Sex crimes can have a seriously negative impact on your life, profession, and family. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, especially those that are listed below, you should seek out a criminal law guru who specializes in sex crimes defense.

  • Sexual Assault, Date rape, prostitution
  • Sexual assault of a child, possession of child pornography
  • Statutory Rape, indecency with child, internet sex crimes
  • Online Solicitation of minor, aggravated sex crime, and more

Sex Crimes and Texas

Texas is an unchallenged national leader when it comes to harshness and severity of prosecution for sex crimes. If you are found guilty, you may have to spend years of your precious life in jail at a filthy Texas prison facility. In addition to prison, the convict will also be forced to register as sex offender for remaining life.

Legal Representation

It is one of the difficult time, it can destroy your respect, reputation, and profession. These things happen before trail, and in most of the cases before filing criminal charges. These allegations will multiply when media is involved, and from a normal sexual allegation, it can turn into high profile case that can shatter your name in

If you are accused or have been bonded by law agencies against the charges of sex crime, it is recommended that you hire a professional lawyer.

If you will have a legal representation working side by side to get rid of these charges, you will be shielded before appearing in court.

There are many things need to keep in consideration such as trial preparation, case formulation, evidence handling, arguments, and techniques that can help fight your case. This can only be possible if you have a professional and experienced lawyer who can tackle all the questions ask during trials.


There is a clear law that any sexual activity with the person under 17 year of age is considered as offense. The law is neutral and if evidence is found then the person will face serious charges.

According to the penal code, Chapter 21: Sexual offenses, title V: Offenses against person

A person can only be convicted if they have found guilty of penetrating any sexual organ of a child, which means including oral penetration that cause body part of child interact with the person in question.

The law can be divided based on the situation, like if the defendant forced a child for oral penetration, or child went through oral sex. In any case, when sexual body part of child and defendant come in contract with each other. This type of crime is rare, but if someone is accused of sex crimes, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it unless there is an experienced lawyer working side by side with you.