Austin Jail Release PR Bail Bonds: Considering Your Options

The Austin & Travis County Jail Release Process

When posting bail for jail release, most bail bonds require some form of payment or collateral to be put down in order for the bail to be posted and the accused be released until the trial proceedings. There is another type of lesser known bail that requires no collateral and no money down. In Austin, TX, these PR bail bonds, or personal recognizance bail, is different in that the bail amount is set and then immediately waived.

Any Austin, TX criminal justice attorney will tell you that PR bonds and other Travis County bail bonds hinge on the agreement that the accused will appear at all required court hearings. While Austin PR bonds sound like a dream come true for many defendants who do not want to or have the financial ability to post bail, PR bonds are generally reserved for lesser crimes where the defendant is not considered a flight risk, or there is a low chance the defendant will try to flee before trial.

Bonding out of Jail in Travis County

A PR Bond May Be Possible

When a person is arrested, generally a bail will be set relative to the crime committed. The more severe the crime, the higher the bail. The bail is usually set at the police station where the arrest is processed, and there is a standard list of bails at the precinct detailing the bail costs related to each crime. Depending on the crime and the circumstances, the PR bond can be approved at the station. If it is not, the defendant will have to post a cash bond or hire a bondsman to post a security bond.

Travis County Judges May Set Bond Conditions

If deemed necessary, the court can implement a variety of conditions that need to be met in order for a defendant to remain on PR Bail, or any jail release for that matter. These can range from having the defendant wear a tracking device, house arrest, or an enforced curfew. These conditions may also be specific to the circumstances of the case. For example, a defendant with drug charges may be required to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings, or a domestic violence defendant may be ordered to not come in contact with the victim pressing charges against them. Breaking any of these conditions, or missing a required court hearing can lead to a secondary arrest in which a cash or property bond will be required in order to be released.

In order to obtain a PR bond (See Travis County Pre-trial Fees), there are a few things that must be considered. First, the severity of the crime is a major factor as to whether a PR bond will be an option. One is far more likely to be offered a PR bond as an option for a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony, as well as for a non-violent crime as opposed to a violent crime. The other factor that must be considered is whether the defendant is a flight risk. If the defendant poses a flight risk, for example if they live out of state or in another country and are visiting at the time of the crime, then they might be considered a higher flight risk than someone who lives locally or within the state’s jurisdiction. Prior arrests and violent behavior are other factors that are assessed with determining the eligibility of a PR bond.

Consider Retaining an Austin Jail Release Lawyer

In short, personal recognizance bonds are useful for defendants in low profile misdemeanor cases or non-flight risk first time offenders to be released on bail without the financial burdens imposed by cash or property bails. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, consider hiring an Austin jail release attorney if possible. When considering jail release options, it is always advised to retain a jail release lawyer to assist and to ensure the jail release is processed properly.

Austin Jail Release PR Bail Bonds: Considering Your Options