New World Order Objectives

To Dominate The World Via One World Government

  • The Destruction Of Israel
  • The Elimination Of Individualism
  • The Destruction Of The United States After Its Use As A Military Arm
  • For Man To Rule The Earth In Place Of God
  • To Reject Jesus Christ
  • To Enslave Mankind
  • To Make Adolph Hitler Look Like A Choir Boy
  • To Destroy The Monetary System
  • To Install It One World Currency
  • To Put The Monetary Systems Of The Nations Of The World In A Crisis Situation
  • China, France, And Russia, Have Called For A One World Currency

The Destruction Of Nationalism And Patriotism

  • Allowing Hollywood To Be Little America
  • Example: People Burning The American Flag
  • Note: If You Don’t Love This Country Leave This Country