How to Fight Back Against Sex Crime Allegations

When a person is accused of a sex crime involving the possession of child pornography, it can throw their whole life into a tailspin. If word got out that an individual was accused of having sexually explicit images of children, their neighbors may look down on them and they could even lose their job. Worse of all, is the potential for a criminal conviction which could lead to a serious prison sentence that could potentially reach into the decades. For persons unlucky enough to be accused of a sex crime like possession of child pornography in Houston, there are options to fight back against the accusations and, with a good law firm like Jack B. Carroll & Associates, you might even be able to beat the charge outright.

Options to Fight Back

Deputy D. Dehnert
Harris County Deputy D. Dehnert Arrested for Child Pornography possession.

The best action a defendant can take when facing criminal charges in connection with a sex crime is to avoid discussing their case, and to hire a criminal defense lawyer quickly.

A smart criminal defense lawyer with experience defending people accused of kiddy porn possession will have numerous strategies at their disposal. Hopefully, one of those strategies will be fit for the defendant’s case. Below, we’ve described a few potential legal strategies that may work for a defendant charged with such an offense.

Device Integrity

In some cases, the defendant might have had their computer device repaired by a 3rd party that downloaded images depicting children in a sexually explicit manner. Other cases involved used computing devices like cell phones, laptops, and computers that were owned by someone who downloaded pornographic materials of children prior to passing the device on to the unsuspecting buyer.

The Set Up

Whether it be a case of sabotage or intentionally implanting illegal materials for the purpose of destroying the reputation of another person, it’s not uncommon for child pornography to be used in this manner in politics and in family law settings.

If the defense can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant didn’t intentionally or knowledgeably possess pornographic images depicting children, then the court must dismiss the case or the jury must find the defendant not guilty.

Possession of Child Pornography Can Be A Federal Offense

In some instances the United States’ Attorney’s Office will pick up the case and prosecute the defendant if they find that the defendant produced or distributed the material to a mass audience. Furthermore, at the federal level, defendants are charged with a count of possession of child pornography for every single media item containing depictions of children in a sexually compromising manner. This could result in prison sentencing reaching into the hundreds of years.

Finding a Sex Crimes Lawyer in Houston

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Houston for a case involving a sex crime, it’s going to be important to conduct due diligence by reading the reviews of the lawyer and finding out if they’re best for a sex crime case. Remember, lawyer specialize in different areas. The best lawyer for a drug offense might not be suitable for a complex sex crime case.