Ecstasy & University; An Impossible Mix

24 year old Jessica Young never expected to return home from Houston, Texas without a degree. She was going to University of Houston to get a Bachelor of Engineering Degree.

She had done things the right way in her mind. She went to school right after high school. Jessica was a bright young student with amazing potential.

Her first year of school was an A/A + average. She was very close to a 4.0. Yet Jessica felt that she had missed out on life. So she went to volunteer in Scotland as an au pair for a year. That year turned into a year and a half as she wanted to help her employer gain her nursing degree as a single mom.

However, Young felt depressed after that period and returned home. She thought it was a crisis of identity and decided she would go into business and then law school, which she felt more passionate about.

Young, a Florida native, flew back to U of Houston after switching her major to a double concentration. While she was there, she met a group of individuals at a club one night. Her life forever changed.

The group seemed glamorous to Young and presented Molly as a way to experience true joy and connection with a group. Young, who suffered from undiagnosed bipolar disorder, was attracted to something about these people and their promises.

A week later, they went out and popped a bit of Ecstasy. They only took minimal amounts, so Jessica felt she was safe. However, as the weeks rolled into months, this crew demonstrated little responsibility towards outside commitments.

Young was juggling paying for her course load and financing her party lifestyle, so her finances quickly depleted. One night her and a couple of these friends were in a cab headed to the bar. She had told her friends before she got in the cab that she didn’t have money to pay for the cab.

Jessica assumed that they would cover the cost as she had generally been the one to cover for them if they needed anything. However, this time the entire group callously decided it was time for their new friend to take the fall.

The group had agreed prior that they would all jump out of the cab, leaving Jessica to get caught. Jessica was oblivious, and when they all got out and ran, Jessica just sat there, high on Ecstasy and stunned.

The cab driver was foreign, and he was not going to let the ten dollars go. He grabbed her by her dress and told her she was going to jail. Jessica was so stunned that she actually wet herself, urine streaming on to the payment.

Young’s survival instincts kicked in and she screamed to passerby’s to help her, telling them exactly how much money she needed.

A lady Jessica’s age rolled down her window and asked Jessica simply how much she needed. Jessica yelled “ten dollars, please help me!” The girl gave her the money and the cab driver let her go. “Oh you’re lucky this time,” he smirked.

Jessica ran down the street and plundered her way to the club a block away. She went past her friends in line and the bouncer took compassion let her right in. All she wanted to do was wash the urine off her dress, which was a shiny polymer blend.

A man who was part of the group apologized profusely. He promised that they thought she knew. She was still stunned that this group she so idolized was into criminal behavior, that she didn’t want to believe any of them would do anything intentionally criminal.

He promised he would be her best friend and that one of his seemingly perfect friends would also be in that circle. That they were different than the others.

Unfortunately, Young’s journey was not done, and she continued on the false promises of these criminals- many of whom were actually drug dealers.

Young’s brain burned out of serotonin and she needed to leave after only one additional year of school. Young continued to be plagued with medical problems years after that had been exasperated by drug and alcohol use. She never saw her friends again although to her knowledge, none of them were ever formally charged with dealing drugs.