Charged with a Felony? Hire The Best Criminal Lawyer in Houston

The best criminal lawyer in Houston is what you’ll need for a felony case involving the manufacture and delivery of narcotics or a sex crime. Every day in Houston people are arrested by law enforcement officers and accused of serious crimes. Although some of these individuals are guilty, a lot of the people arrested in these sweeps are innocent individuals who were at the wrong place at the wrong time or were simply a victim of their own ignorance of their environment. In either case, whether an individual is guilty or innocent of a serious felony offense in Texas, the best thing they can do is hire a criminal defense lawyer with experience fighting criminal charges similar to theirs.

How To Best Felony Drug Offenses in Houston?

Hire The Best Criminal Lawyer in Houston

If an individual is found to be in possession of any amount of cocaine, heroin, PCP, meth, crack, or even the residue of such a substance, they’ll be on the hook for felony charges. In Texas, a conviction for even trace amounts of dangerous drugs such as those previously mentioned and others can mean a minimum of a six-month stint in a state jail facility. For persons accused of the manufacture and delivery of controlled substances, depending on the substance involved and other factors surrounding the case in any criminal history on the part of the offenders, a life sentence is not out of the question.

In situations like these, the defendant will need to find and hire one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Houston to help them fight the charge. Bennett & Bennett, a criminal justice law firm in Houston that we work with from time to time, is one of the best options for individuals facing felony drug charges in Harris County, TX. If you would like to hire them or ask questions of their legal team, place a quick friendly phone call to the firm by calling 713-224-1747.

Best Criminal Lawyer in Houston for Sex Crimes

Bennett & Bennett

For people and families that are dealing with criminal charges of a sexual nature, the stakes and extremely high. Individuals alleged to have committed a criminal sex act not only have to contend with what will be a relentless prosecution effort by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, but their morality will also be in question which could threaten their career, relationships, and standing within their community.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers in Houston understand this, the lawyers who lack seasoning litigating criminal cases of such an immense gravity represent a clear and present danger to their client. For this reason, it is recommended that only the best criminal lawyers in Houston be considered to defend individuals charged with felonious crimes of a sexual nature.

If you stand charged with possession of child pornography, online solicitation of a minor for sex, continuous sexual assault of a child, or a similar offense, Bennett & Bennett is one of the best law firms in Houston for defending people accused of such heinous crimes. If you need help with a situation like this and would like to talk with a top-rated sex crimes lawyer in Houston, I recommend giving them a call at 713-224-1747.