The Business of The Illegal Drug Trade

I happened to run across a video about the escapades of Pablo Escobar, a now dead Colombian Drug Lord, while perusing the videos available on YouTube. The man became infamously known as the Picaso of crime and more powerful, at one point, that Colombian government. The United States Military was seriously involving in the covert war against the Medellin Drug Cartel, as they were called.

As you watch video you’ll notice how violent the Medellin Cartel had become after sensing the need to defend their cash which was basically cocaine trafficking. They started out with marijuana, but once the appetite for cocaine began to rise in America, they became even more ruthless making more money than anyone in Colombia.

America Goes On The Offensive

Many drug traffickers in Colombia would rather die than be extradited to the United States. In America, its not “as easy” to kill judges and threaten politicians and get away with it.

Learn More by watching the video.