Security Guard Training in Texas

There was a time when qualifying to be a security guard meant being able to fog a mirror and little more. Unfortunately, not only did it take only a short time before their lack of professional training reflected not only on them but their employers and their clients as well. On the bright side, a few forward-looking industry professionals determined that what their employees needed was training–lots of training–to turn what had been an unproven industry into one that has professional standards that everyone must adhere to.

Until the early 1970s, security guards made up whoever could fit into a uniform and show up for a shift of work, not to mention do the job once they got there. The reputation that many private security firms got, as a result, was anything but good. You might even say that many of these firms got their bad reputations the old-fashioned way: they earned it.

That’s when things started to change for the better, namely when training security guards became not only the exception but the rule. No longer did security mean a sleepy person at the front gate, but someone who was trained for performing precisely the role the client needed and more. This began with training academies that taught officers what their responsibilities entailed as well as what they didn’t.

A Look at Training Security Guards

Airline Security Guards TrainingTo be blunt, having a security guard who is not trained on duty is trouble. Not only do these individuals often overstep their authority when acting, but by doing so their employers, as well as their clients, are placed at great liability. This is very commonly the case when a security guard implements an arrest when proper procedures are not followed. And this is only the beginning of what could happen if a guard’s response is not legally justified.

Good training makes all the difference in the world. When security guards are properly trained they know what they can do and what they cannot. Further, they understand the far reaching ramifications of their actions to themselves, their employers and their clients.

Beyond Awareness

Even when the actions of a security guard are within the law, are the actions that he or she take fully effective. For example, many security guards believe that just because they might be legally permitted to carry a baton or mace that they know how to use them. That’s not necessarily true. Fortunately, a good training program can teach security guards how to use their equipment as well as their knowledge to fully fulfill the security guard’s purpose: to observe and report.

Many states across the country have mandated training for security officers for a purpose. Don’t let a security officer on your property who doesn’t fully understand their job and what they can do. Make sure that you as well as your officer is protected by providing him with the knowledge he or she needs to do their job, legally and professionally. All it takes is a single call to your local training facility and your security can go to a whole new level.