Why I Like Law Blogs

One of the main reasons I like law blogs is because of the different flavors of opinion you can be exposed to depending on which lawyer’s blog you read.

In some case, you can be exposed to scathing reviews of other lawyers by veteran attorneys, in other cases one may be exposed to another lawyer’s opinion on current news and events.

Why Read Law Blogs?

The main reason I like law blogs is to read from a point of view that I may not necessarily be privie to on topics that peak my interest. Another reason to read law blogs is because they are great tools for expanding one’s vocabulary as it relates to the law.

In some cases, you can stumble upon intense conversations which are not intended to be viewed by the public, but as a result of them taking place in the comment sections of publicly available blogs they are viewable by all.

In some cases, you may even get free legal advice.

Why Do Lawyers Blog?

There are a number of reasons that lawyers blog, but one must realize that law is based on the written word anyway. To be honest, I find it hard to take a lawyer seriously that doesn’t blog. In fact, there is a very popular blog named “Real Lawyers Have Blogs” to give you an idea of the culture in the legal blogosphere.

Moving on, if you are looking to expand your intellectual horizons I would recommend taking a read around the blogs we’ve listed.